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We produce high quality and chemical-free fresh foods. Our goal is to promote safe farming practices among farmers and to boost food production for both local and export markets. We empower, support, and guide farmers to produce high quality foods that will raise the standard of horticulture in Africa

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    An ISO 1900:2007

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About Us

Through Aisle Horticulture, we produce quality, chemical-free fresh foods that are safe for human consumption. We strive to promote safe farming practices among farmers and boosting food production for both local and export markets. Through massive food production, we create employment opportunities for hundreds of individuals in our multifaceted enterprise to promote the livelihood of the families within our areas of operation

CEO: Grace


  • Quality

    We strive to achieve the best quality of fresh foods.


    We use and promote safe farming practices to achieve the highest safety standard of food for human consumption.

  • Passion

    Our deep-rooted passion is the lifeblood of our vision. It motivates us to focus, pursue excellence, and be creative and innovative all the times.

  • Humility

    It helps us to build trust and facilitates learning among our team members. Each of our team members knows that being humble is the key to personal growth and effective leadership.

  • Honesty

    Be sure of our facts and be honest and straightforward in all of our dealings with each other and our clients.

  • Dedication

    Our deep-rooted passion is the lifeblood of our vision. It motivates us to focus, pursue excellence, and be creative and innovative all the times.


Services We Deliver

Green house technology is a technique of providing favorable environmental conditions to plants by growing them a greenhouse, a structure with walls and roof made mainly of transparent material

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    Greenhouse Consultancy

    Greenhouse farming offers increased production as it minimizes production risks by mainly allowing maximum weed and pest control. It is also the only sure way



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    Greenhouse installation

    Our manufacturing services provide assurance to clients that their people, processes, and products are as safe and efficient as possible. From logistics and compliance, to



  • 03.

    Agricultural consultancy/ Agronomist services

    Helping our customers go to market and maintain expensive machinery with lubricants, fluids and additives testing plus inspection and certification for technical, performance and lifecycle



Why Choose Us?

We are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture to deliver the best quality of fresh foods that are chemical-free, straight from our farms. These are readily available in large quantities both for local and export markets. We are developing leaders in horticulture who will take the standard of food safety and production to another level. We want to serve you and grow with you. When you use our services or be our partner, you are helping thousands of families live a better life through employment opportunities and our community projects (link it).


Years of Experience
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    Best talent in the industry business.

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    One of the most expirienced company.

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    We have completed over 3000 projects.

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    Most dedicated and passionate team.

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    Company has over 2000 workers.

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Our Team Members

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results


    Alan Michaelis


    James Hind


    Venu Raju


    Paul Withers


    Nancy Moore


To provide exceptional services to the insurance industry and thier clients, the property owner. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship.

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