Greenhouse installation

Are you ready to own a greenhouse? Whether yes or no, we are here for you. Let our technical team help make your dream come true. Here are some of the most important things you must understand about greenhouse installation.

  1. Greenhouse style. We offer you a frame and size that meets your needs. Greenhouse structures are designed for different applications and their utilization differs. Visit our store HERE (page) and learn more about the available varieties of greenhouse styles.
  2. Greenhouse covering: Different types of materials are used as covers for greenhouses and you must choose what satisfies your needs. We provide you with the best quality that is durable and offers the most environment control in your greenhouse. For more information, visit our store HERE (Link).
  3. Ventilation/ Cooling: To avoid overheating, it is very essential to have a cooling mechanism installed in your greenhouse. This may be done by shading, mechanical ventilation, or natural ventilation. For all your ventilation needs, we got you covered. Visit our store to explore the available options
  4. Environmental controls: You need a controlled balance between heating and cooling to allow your plants to grow in a perfect environment. (This note will be developed as it is almost similar to the above, and using computerized technology is food for thought for now).
  5. Irrigation systems: Your plants need enough water to grow well and give you maximum yield. Our water engineers help you get any type of irrigation system in your greenhouse at an affordable cost.

Service Features

  • We Have ISO Certificate

  • We Provide High Services

  • Most Expirienced Company

  • Responsive and Respectful

  • Environmental Sensitivity

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From the beginning, honesty and clear vision along with hard work and imagination have been integral parts of our steady and diversified growth.

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We have created a culture that promotes Trust and we are extremely proud of that. This culture has produced a team that likes what they are doing and that is why we do what we do so well.

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