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Greenhouse farming offers increased production as it minimizes production risks by mainly allowing maximum weed and pest control. It is also the only sure way of growing crops off-season throughout the year and hence maximizing profit. It is an intensive mode of farming that offers your full climatic control and hence giving the ability to effectively control production.

Our agronomists offer you valuable information that you must know before venturing into greenhouse farming. Here below are some of the most important things you need to know:

  1. Initial size of the investment: Depending on your dream, we help you understand the cost implication and the best way to cut costs while establishing your greenhouse farming project.
  2. Greenhouse designs: Types and sizes vary, and depending on your desired or available investment capital, space, and type of crop, we help you understand the logistics of designing and engineering the best quality greenhouse. Careful consideration of this will help you to avoid spending money in future to rectify problems.
  3. Production cost and technical proficiency: With us, you will get a clear understanding of the costs involved in this mode of farming and how technical proficiency is key to proper greenhouse management. Our Agronomists offer you and your team adequate training in mastering the skills of greenhouse management for maximum production.
  4. Greenhouse pests & diseases and environmental variables: We train your management team about pests and diseases are common in greenhouse farming and how to avoid and control them. Proper control of the environmental variables is very important as the crops entirely depend on your management skills.
  5. Market establishment: Do you have market once your produce is ready? Our team is ready to help you have your distribution and selling operation in place. We want to help you understand the relationship between your production and commercialization in order to get maximum returns out of greenhouse farming.

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